$19.5 Million Gender Discrimination Settlement: How Statistics, Not Facts, Are Used To Prove Liability

A communications company settles a class action suit for gender discrimination. We examine what made the employer settle. Read More

The EEOC Sticks An Employer Over Mandated Flu Shots: Do Religious Rights Preempt Safety?

The EEOC sued a hospital over how it mandates flu shots, claiming it violates religious freedom. We examine. Read More

Training The Replacement: A Sure Fire Sign Of Discrimination?

A pregnant employee trains a new hire and is promptly terminated after the training is completed. The result is a lawsuit and a settlement. We examine. Read More

Want To Be A Leader? Start With Empathy

Kirstin Heffner

Empathy is a key component to healthy, productive work relationships. Kirstin Heffner explains how empathy affects the workplace and management. Read more...


Avoiding Liability As An Employee Leaves

Leslie Zieren

Whatever the reasons an employee chooses to leave your employment, there are some basic issues to consider. Leslie Zieren discusses. Read more...


Tube Tops and Flip-Flops? Dress Code Compliance Tips

Leslie Zieren

It's summer, it's hot, and sometimes you may have an employee who shows up to work in an outfit more appropriate for the beach than the office. Leslie Zieren discusses some options. Read more...


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